Excerpt 11 – Plan to get MSF to Patients – 2012 and Beyond

My Journey to a
Next Generation Treatment
Donald E. Moss, Ph.D.



Plan to Get MSF to Patients – 2012 and beyond

Jim Summerton, Ph.D.

It should be clear from reading this book that MSF will likely never become available to patients via a conventional drug development route – in large part because the patent on use of MSF for treating memory decline is rapidly nearing its expiration (in 2015).  Therefore, Dr. Donald Moss and I have started up a company, Brain-Tools, LLC, whose objective is to get MSF to patients suffering from serious memory decline, and to make MSF available to such patients as soon as possible and at a low price.

Rather than pursuing funds through the conventional sources of pharmaceutical companies and venture capitalists, an attempt which has repeatedly proven unsuccessful, this new company will make use of crowd funding from individuals, will file under the U.S. Orphan Drug Act, and will pursue collaborative efforts with various organizations and government entities that have an interest in Alzheimer’s and stroke (where there is clear evidence that MSF will be effective). We also intend to assess for therapeutic effect of MSF in other conditions wherein serious memory decline is a problem.

And always the ultimate goal will be to get MSF to patients as soon as possible and at a low cost.

Brain-Tools is now embarking on a program to raise funds that will be used to carry out the required clinical testing of MSF and obtain regulatory approval for marketing.  Finally, Brain-Tools intends to purify, formulate, package, and distribute MSF to patients.

Our principal objective will be to raise the $30 million in cash and services which we estimate will be necessary to carry out these objectives. Our plan is to raise this combination of cash and services through contributions from individuals, organizations, and government entities that have an interest in helping to make available to patients a far more effective treatment, with few or no side effects, for Alzheimer’s and other conditions in which serious memory decline occurs, such as stroke.

For success in this endeavor we need your help.

You can help with a financial contribution.  And/or you can help by encouraging organizations, government entities, and your elected representatives to contribute funds and/or services toward the goal of completing the clinical testing of MSF, getting it approved by the FDA, and then assuring its availability at low cost to patients who need it.   For further information on this endeavor and how you can contribute to its success please go to: