A pilot study in Alzheimer’s patients indicates that MSF (Methane Sulfonyl Fluoride) achieves unprecedented revival of memory and causes fewer side effects than the FDA-approved drugs currently prescribed for reviving memory in Alzheimer’s patients. Also, because of its unique mechanism of action and its demonstrated revival of memory after simulated stroke in rats, MSF may prove to be the best drug for reviving memory after stroke.  Finally, MSF has been demonstrated to revive memory in older rats, suggesting it may also prove effective for reviving memory in the slow age-related memory decline which to some degree afflicts nearly everyone over the age of 60.

In spite of its superior ability to revive memory without causing undesirable side effects, MSF development has stalled due to factors unrelated to the drug’s actual merits.

To get MSF back on track, Brain-Tools, LLC was formed to complete the required testing of MSF, obtain regulatory approval, and then produce and distribute MSF to patients at a low cost.  One particularly important objective of Brain-Tools is to provide each patient with an optimized dose in order to provide maximum memory revival with minimal or no side effects.  To achieve these objectives we need your help.