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Star Coins: World 7-Tower. This is our Star Coin guide for World 7-Tower in New Super Mario Brothers Secret Exit - Work your way up until you reach a portion on. Super Mario World/Donut Plains 1. Namespaces. Page; The level starts with a bunch of Super Koopas flying towards you. secret exits are indicated by a keyhole;).

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Super Mario World FAQ/Walkthrough for Super. special worlds - new super mario 2: there are a total of three special worlds in new super mario bros. 2, all of which are unlocked via secret exits. here's how you, here is a playlist containing my complete super mario world walkthrough.).

super mario world secret exits guide

Getting All the Exits in Super Mario World (SPOILERS. star coins: world 7-tower. this is our star coin guide for world 7-tower in new super mario brothers secret exit - work your way up until you reach a portion on, ... super mario world guide and frequently asked questions. super mario world guide & faq. secret exit - make sure you are caped mario at the end.).

Super Mario World Secret Exits Guide -

super mario world secret exits guide